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the beGinninG of beeleave

With over 14 years’ experience in business development, marketing & strategy in international industries, Beeleave in on hand to help you and your business on your journey to happiness. Our company was founded on 2 things that we see as vital to life: the importance of believing in what you do or sell as a business and our environment. 

‘Bee’ represents the value of nature in creating a future for this planet & ‘leave’ represents the products, services and activities that we help you to develop for your guests or clients to enjoy.  We take great satisfaction in helping things grow! 

Beeleave was established in Queenstown in 2015 and quickly began assisting several companies with business development & marketing.  In November 2015, it took on the management contract for Kinross Cottages: Boutique Vineyard Hotel, Cellar Door & Bistro in Gibbston.  Beeleave grew Kinross into both a community hub and destination, from 1 employee to 27, increased total revenue by more than 850% in 3 years and took the hotel to number 3 on TripAdvisor (hotels in Queenstown) before seeking new challenges and moving to Wanaka in January 2019…


 With 14 years of experience in all areas of international business development & marketing, we are extremely


 passionate about the work we do.


 We identify business success as constant evolution to suit demands & needs 

 We provide expertise to companies that wish to explore growth and strengthen their brands. 

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